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Dearest Reader - This rider is comprised of things that will enable the Mungles to "kick your booty" (in a good way)!  Please make every effort to provide what is listed. Be sure to create a clean, pleasing work environment. This band works extremely hard to provide an excellent show, please extend the same courtesy to their requests.

Access to room upon arrival of artists, and to remain until (1) one hour after artist's performance is concluded.

Lavatory facilities within or close to dressing room, stocked with soap and toiletries and restricted to the general public.
Artist must be able to access stage from dressing room.  If artist cannot, and must walk through crowd / venue, the purchaser will provide security to and from the stage.
Artist shall not be required to share dressing room with any other performer, except possibly the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin, Van Halen (w/David Lee Roth), others with prior artist approval.
Any graffiti or lewd artwork should be covered up or modified.
Any strange or lingering odors should be properly dealt with or covered up wherever and whenever possible.
The artist must authorize all persons entering dressing rooms.
Always provide and outfit dressing room with high quality service.
Two or more grounded electrical outlets.


Buyout for 6 people at $20.

In the event that it is not possible to provide a meal buyout, the purchaser must provide fresh, hot dinners for 6 people made available 1 hour before doors open. Meals should consist of salad, a hot meat entrée (chicken or beef), fresh vegetables, fresh bread and dessert. Please note that pasta and rice dishes are on the bottom of list as favorites of the band. If dinner is served at event, same meals available to band is acceptable.

** The items are NON NEGOITABLE and MUST BE PROVIDED.  If there is any problem, please contact Tour Manager as soon as possible.

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