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Scream Theme Productions


Jose Sanchez

Tel: 915-309-4791



Tel: 915-309-4791 Tel/Text

407 E Nevada

El Paso, TX 79902

Tel: 915-309-4791


Fungi Mungle are professionals who want to make sure everyone has a great time at every event we perform at. We always strive to go above and beyond what is expected, and to provide the most outrageous show possible. When planning your event, it is best to make booking arrangements early to ensure a smooth, entertaining and successful event.


Fungi Mungle IS the World's Greatest Disco Band and there are many factors that determine pricing. Travel, location and length of time requested. The venue and size of audience are considered as well. Events scheduled on, or around holidays or holiday seasons normally incur premium pricing. Shows that require either full PA/Sound system or backline only incur different pricing.

Client relationships are always important and there are situations where fees may be negotiable. Budget limits and competitive pricing issues can also be considered.

Sound / Lighting

Fungi Mungle is a 100% live band and can provide their own sound system and equipment if needed to perform. In events where the venues are larger we will work with resonably priced sound companies to guarantee sound compatibility for that event. Basic lighting is included with most packages. Depending on venue additional lighting may be required.

For events requiring the band to use air travel it will be necessary for our clients to provide a backline.

Backline should include: guitar amp, bass amp, keyboard amp, full drum set, and complete PA with five monitors, one Shure wireless vocal mic, four vocal mics on stage, separate keyboard monitor mix, 1 horn mics, 1 percussion mic and a soundman if needed.

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